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Top 5 Punjabi Poems for Kids & Rhymes For Children – Sikhville

For more than a decade, Sikhville has been creating animated Sikh poetry, Punjabi poems for kids, and Rhymes for children. Our goal as a non- profit is to help parents teach their young children about Punjabi culture, values and Gurmukhi. Keeping the same in mind, we have found the top 5 poems in Punjabi for children from our growing Youtube video library.

Here are the top 5 Punjabi poems for kids from Sikhville that your young ones will certainly fall in love with:

Dadi Maa Meri Dadi Maa – Popular Punjabi Rhyme

There is a reason why Dadi Maa, a short poem in Punjabi based on our love for grandmothers occupies the top spot in terms of views. With 2.3 million views & counting, this Punjabi kids poem is the most popular kids poem on YouTube. This video shows the love & affection of a young Sikh kid towards his grandmother. Watch this amazing poem & share with your kids!

Char Chidiyan – Punjabi Rhyme for Kids

The Punjabi rhyme, Char Chidiyan, is another popular Punjabi rhyme for kids and toddlers. This short Punjabi poem features fun rhymes about 4 birds ( Char Chidiya) who visit a young girl. This poem not only teaches Punjabi to young kids but also give creative stimulus to their young minds. Watch it on our Youtube channel with over 45k subscribers!

Gutar Goo – Short rhyme in Punjabi

Gutar Goo is a beautiful Punjabi animation poem for kids which provides a funny way to learn Punjabi both visual and auditory mediums. This Punjabi poem features a group of animals and birds such as pigeon, frog, and parrot rhyming on the stage. Kids love to laugh at the funny Punjabi video and at the same time learn Punjabi rhymes. Watch Gutar Goo here!

Jot Deep – Popular poem in Punjabi

Jot Deep is one of the most popular cartoon characters created by animators of Sikhville. The series revolves around day to day life of Jot deep, a Sikh boy and his sister, Deep Kaur. Through interesting stories, the series imparts essential Gurmat and moral values to young children. The title song has received love from children living in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. The title song speaks about Jot Deep’s moral upbringing, dedication and love for family. Watch this popular Punjabi poem here.

Akkad Bakkad – poem in Punjabi

Akkad Bakkad is one of the most recognized Punjabi poems amongst young kids as well as parents. Created by our talented team of animators, Akkad Bakkad (Punjabi version) is watched by youngsters repeatedly because of its interesting animation and audio. Watch Akkad Bakkad on Youtube and follow us on Facebook to get new video updates in your feed.

Besides above 5 poems in Punjabi for kids, our growing Youtube library has lot more such as educational movies for kids, funny animated videos, Guru Nanak Dev Ji teachings, and historic Sikh movies. Check out Sikhville YouTube channel and subscribe to connect your children with our roots.

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