Vismaad has pioneered to bring Sikh History and culture through animated movies since 2005.

Vismaad has pioneered to bring Sikh History and culture through animated movies since 2005. Inspirational characters come to life in charming animation which acts as a portal to transport the viewer back through time. Listen to sublime sound of devotional kirtan as history unfolds. Watch and witness the sacrifice of saintly Sikh soldiers standing steadfast in their struggle against the tyrannical rule of Mughal overlords who ravished the people of rural Punjab. Experience Sikh history in unforgettable animation with these top animated movies by Vismaad.

This page is a path-breaking step by Vismaad to make its movies available online.

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Roop Singh Episodes

  • 100 Gold Coin

    The episode imparts a reflective message about presence of God deep within us.A Gursikh demonstrated to a King that God resides within us by using an example of stirring the milk till it becomes butter.
  • The Talking Cup

    The story narrates the experience of a cup while a potter transformed it from just a lump of clay to an attractive cup. The story thus conveys a subtle message about how God, our potter has created each one of us beautiful the way we are.
  • The Flying Ostrich

    Another Roop Singh escapade that teaches the importance of accepting the way God created us. It's hilarious watching Roop Singh describe in his inimitable style a flying Ostrich and the havoc it creates.
  • The Secret Hiding Place

    Roop Singh imparts a very basic yet crucial lesson about the presence of God everywhere. The message is delivered with a short story of brother and sister named Fateh Singh and Simran Kaur.

Jot Singh Series

  • Jot Singh Plants a Tree

    The story highlights the importance of planting trees. Jot Singh, on his way to school notices a tree fallen over and after her mother teaches him the importance of trees, decides to plant a one in his garden.
  • Birthday Wish Comes True

    The episode brings out the tradition and values of celebrating a birthday while remaining rooted to Gurmat. Jot Singh started his birthday with Paath and taking the blessings of Guru Sahib.
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    It's A Hair Wash Day

    This story imparts a vital lesson about the importance of hair for Sikhs. Jot Singh who was reluctant to wash hair is inspired by his mother and grandmother to love and take good care of his Kesh.
  • Jot Singh Nurses a Sparrow

    One day on way back home from school Jot Singh found an injured sparrow who was unable to fly. Jot Singh brought the sparrow home and he and Deep Kaur nursed it under guidance of parents..
  • Keep the Earth Clean

    One day Jot Singh and his friends go to the amusement park where some of his friends casually threw wrappers on the ground instead of using the garbage bins. Jot Singh was very sad but couldn't take courage to correct his friends. Jot Singh's mother consoled him and explained how to manage such situations. Watch this episode to know how it happened.
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    On Deep Kaur's birthday Jot Singh helps her to decorate the house. Deep Kaur received many gifts at the birthday party which she & Jot Singh happily unwrap. Jot Singh likes a toy car but Deep Kaur doesn't agree to part with it. To know how their mom manages to settle the situation, watch this episode

Full Movies

  • Sahibzadey

    Through this animated movie we have attempted to relive the beyond compare martyrdom of Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji.
  • Sundri The Brave Kaur

    Based on a popular folk song and set in the historical period of Mir Manu that is notorious for large scale massacre of the Sikhs, Sundri is a symbolic representative of that milieu
  • The Rise of Khalsa

    Banda Singh ji was a true Khalsa and remained a steadfast gursikh till his last breath. His unflinching faith and love for Sikhi was above everything.
  • Bhai Subeg Singh Shahbaz Singh

    Story of Subeg Singh and Shahbaz Singh is a unique page from Sikh History. This Father-Son duo is inspiration for Sikh Parents and Children alike.
  • 35 Akhar

    Animated Educational Movie "35 Akhar" is created for fun oriented learning of 35 Gumukhi (Punjabi) Alphabets.