Tick Ticky – Playing with Clock

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Tick Ticky – Playing with Clock is an innovative game to cultivate the concept of time in children both in English and Punjabi. Kids learn how to read and set time in a clock using a movable hour and minute hand.

This application is an excellent teaching tool for teaching the sound as well as pronunciation of various time readings. The English as well as Punjabi audio ensures that children learn how to pronounce time in both the languages. Moreover, children also learn to interpret the digital as well as the analog clock.

There are three modes in this application.

  1. The first mode involves dragging the clock hands to practice setting the time as per the digital clock and the verbal announcement.
  2. The second mode involves setting the time in the digital clock as per the analog clock.
  3. The third mode requires stopping the hands of the moving stop watch to match the time displayed in the digital clock.

Salient features

  1. Kid friendly and educational application
  2. Children learn time in Hours, half hours, quarters and minutes.
  3. Children interact with various elements of a clock through a user friendly interface.