Morcha - Defend your faith

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This game revolves around defending and reinforcing barriers to protect your faith. Adversaries attack the Morcha to abolish its strength and finally break it. You defend your Morcha by repelling the attacks which continue unabated with greater and more formidable force.

Every enemy attack repulsed earns you points which help in strengthening the Morcha or upgrading your weapons like Chakkar attack, upgrade wall or tower. A tower upgrade gets you an archer or a sharp-shooter for increased defense. It's a thrill fighting the mercenaries of an army of Subedars, Archers, Gunmen and Elephants. The challenge is not to loose the game by defeating the attackers before they destroy the wall. Don't let the enemy soldiers come in vicinity of the wall or else it can fall in no time.

The fight becomes more daunting and fiercer as you get past each level till the enemy retreats exhausted.