About Us is an online virtual village that will enable Sikh parents to provide an interactive way for their children to be connected with Sikh culture, values, gurmukhi and Punjabi Culture. is the result of ongoing creative efforts of Vismaad which pioneered Sikh Animations.  Since 2004 Vismaad has worked relentlessly to create modern age learning resources for Sikh children.   The goal is for Vismaad to continue to provide fun, exciting, and safe environment for Sikh kids to play online.  This interactive way will assist in inspiring them to learn more about Sikh values and tenants.

The virtual world of SikhVille is continuously updated.  We constantly strive to create new, even more engaging games, movies, cartoon series and learning exercises, for members.   Not only is Sikhville entertaining, it is also enriching the minds of its members worldwide with the basic Sikh ideals of Seva, sangat, creativity and being an aware Sikh.

The Team

The creative team behind is the same which enthralled Sikh world by first adapting animation as a medium of parchar (ਪਰਚਾਰ). Vismaad movies Sahibzadey, Banda Singh Bahadur, Sundri, Bhai Taru Singh & Bhai Subeg Singh Shahbaz Singh today are household names in Sikh families. Vismaad is a not-for-profit venture which runs with the support of worldwide sikh sangat. All revenues earned from movies are reinvested to create more projects. Vismaad is today credited for evolvement of parallel Cinema of purely Sikh subjects. Earlier Sikh films survived only on donations and screenings were limited to Gurdwara halls.


Our Mission is to adopt latest and emerging technologies for propagation of Sikh History, Sikh values & ethos and Gurbani for young Sikhs to be inspired with and participate in collective panthic objective of creating a whole new generation of Sikhs who embody Chardikala and Sarbat da bhalaa.

Commitment is a specially created portal for kids where they can learn about various facets of Sikhi in playful manner. We commit to provide a fun, exciting and safe environment for kids to play online. Parent awareness is important to us and to that end we are working to create tools to help you control your child’s online play & also offer lots of creative resources to keep them busy offline as well.