The Talking Cup

The story narrates the experience of a cup while a potter transformed it from just a lump of clay to an attractive cup. The story thus conveys a subtle message about how God, our potter has created each one of us beautiful the way we are.

Birthday Wish Comes True

The episode brings out the tradition and values of celebrating a birthday while remaining rooted to Gurmat. Jot Singh started his birthday with Paath and taking the blessings of Guru Sahib.


Vismaad has pioneered to bring Sikh History and culture through animated movies since 2005. Inspirational characters come to life in charming animation.


The movie depicts the story of the Sikh women during the tyrannical times of Mir Mannu who carried out large scale massacre of Sikhs.

The Rise of Khalsa

This movie takes the viewers along Baba Banda Singh Bahadur's journey from his first meeting with Guru Gobind Singhji till he conquered Sirhind and established the first Khalsa rule.